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Disaster Recovery Services

Datacenters are the heart and life blood of most companies today. In the unfortunate event this key asset is compromised by disaster, a company can face severe financial losses. The best way to protect your Datacenter is to create and test a strategic disaster recovery plan, so that you are ready to begin Datacenter cleaning and repair to bring your operation back on-line as quickly as you can.

Key to any disaster recovery plan is having qualified external resources that can quickly help your organization regain its Datacenter operations. Our rapid response cleaning technicians' expertise results in restoration and recovery of as much Datacenter equipment and media as possible.

Our rapid response services include damage assessment, alternate recovery strategies, determinations of estimated time to recover, cleaning, as well as restoration and recovery of your Datacenter and damaged media. Our response team is on-site within hours of a disaster, and is fully trained in ISO standard 14644 for critical environments.

We are one of the nation's most trusted sources for Disaster Recovery Services including: pick-up, inventory, and sorting of damaged media, recovery and duplication of damaged media, degaussing and disposal of damaged media, hard drive data recovery, drying and cleaning of damaged media, Datacenter cleanup, and an emergency source for Datacenter essentials.

Pick-up, Inventory, and Sorting of Damaged Media
While our response team is providing Datacenter cleaning assistance, and you are restoring your operations to pre-disaster levels, our Operations Center can assist with the inventory and sorting of damaged storage media. These services include the pick-up and full inventory of the tapes, as well as a thorough sorting, so that it is possible to fully assess the next steps to recover the data on the tapes.

With over 30 years of experience with storage media of every type, we have the expertise to assess the level of damage to your tapes, and provide you with clear options to recover, duplicate, or dispose of the damaged media.

Recovery and Duplication of Damaged Media
It might have been a fire, or water damage, or perhaps just smoke damage, but you are now faced with trying to get a clear understanding on how bad the damage is, and what your options are to recover the data and duplicate the tapes.

We have extensive experience working with damaged media, and can provide technical expertise in assessing the degree of damage to your storage media. Once the damage has been assessed, We will provide you a list of the available options for recovery and duplication of the media to preserve your confidential data.

All methods of recovery and duplication are done in our secure Operations Center, with highly qualified staff handling the procedures. You can rest assured that every measure possible will be taken to preserve your critical data and restore your operations to pre-disaster levels as quickly as possible.

Degaussing and Disposal of Damaged Media
What do you do in the event that the damage was so extensive that your media is beyond recovery? What measures should be taken to ensure that all the data is eradicated from the damaged media before the media is disposed of? How and where can you have this done quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, reliably?

We are one of the most trusted sources for data eradication and tape disposal. Used by some of the largest Datacenters across the US, we have years of experience providing services to ensure all your confidential and sensitive data is eradicated before disposal.

Using degaussing equipment that is more than 2 times the standard strength required, your storage media will be completely eradicated before its disposal. All tapes are fully tested after degaussing for extra measure. Our procedures for eradication will provide you with 100% total eradication, so that you can rest assured your data will never fall into the wrong hands or be used inappropriately.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Smoke, water, fire, and chemical damage to hard drives can render them and the data they hold inaccessible. Since this kind of damage often affects some of the most recent data saved, it can be some of the most critical data to recover quickly.

Our Disaster Recovery Services include providing assistance for hard drive data recovery. Whether the hard drive itself needs restoration, or the data from the drive needs to be duplicated and stored on other storage media, we can provide the best options for your organization to regain access to this critical information.

Drying and Cleaning Damaged Media
During our 30+ years of providing assistance to Datacenter managers, we have seen just about every kind of damage possible to storage media. Water and smoke are two of the most common types of damage we encounter, so we have extensive experience in handling those kinds of media damage.

After the drying and cleaning of the media is complete, we can provide an assessment of whether the media should be duplicated before going back into storage, eradicated and destroyed due to irreparable damage, or whether the media is capable of being put back into full usage.

Our Operations Center is fully equipped to dry any type of damaged media, and has cleaning equipment and resources to follow the drying process. Tissue cleaning, re -tensioning, checking the operation of all moving parts on the tape, and, finally, checking the status of data on the tape are all standard procedures we provide during this process.

Datacenter Cleanup
After a disaster, when time and efficiency are critical, having a trusted supplier with extensive cleaning experience in Datacenter environments provides you with a significant advantage. Technical expertise combined with years of experience make Media Recovery's Datacenter Cleaning Services the best in the industry.

We provide comprehensive Datacenter and sensitive computer environment cleanup. This includes the specialized discipline of recovery and restoration of computer equipment, including a wide range of peripheral and highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whether you have smoke, fire, water, chemical contamination (such as a Halon dump), process contamination, or employee sabotage disasters, we have the knowledge, resources, and experience to provide complete Datacenter cleanup procedures.

We have developed our disaster recovery team to respond immediately to domestic disasters requiring our highly technical services. In addition to disaster recovery issues, we can also provide assistance with post-disaster management priorities, and chemical contamination challenges in the Datacenter environment.

Emergency Source for Datacenter Essentials
When the worst happens, and your Datacenter goes down, you can depend on our professionals to provide you with the essentials you need to get back on-line quickly and efficiently. Whether you need new tapes, servers, and racks, help recovering data from damaged media, or a crew to inventory and remove equipment or media for replacement, we have the knowledge, resources, and experienced personnel to assist you with your needs.

Trusted by the leading Datacenters across the US, we have been a trusted partner for Datacenter managers who need to know that one phone call will mobilize a network of professionals to help them. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the critical and sensitive nature of your equipment and storage media. We stand ready to help get you up-and-running as quickly as possible.

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