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Custom HDMI Cables, Custom DVI Cables
Built to Specs Video Cable Assemblies, Video Extension Cables, Super Long Distance Video Cables, Standard, Premium & Gold Plated

Custom Cable Manufacturing - Video Cable Wholesale - Corporate Accounts

Looking for a cable manufacturing company, with US and offshore capabilities for Custom HDMI Cables and Custom DVI Cables? Our headquarters and warehouse are located in New York City, and we serve customers worldwide with standard and built to specs HDMI & DVI video cabling products for a large diversity of applications. Our knowledge and experience in custom HDMI and DVI cable assemblies are highly valued by our customers, who are attracted by uncompromised quality, superior performance, and incredible low prices.

As a diversified supplier of audio video interconnects we can help corporate customers with cable design, cable engineering, video cable manufacturing, cable molding, custom labeling, custom packaging, standard and custom tooling, etc.. For decades we used cutting edge technologies to build video cables, with highest quality components and materials, such as AMP Tyco Electronics DVI connectors, HDMI Molex Connectors, etc.

In order to address the market needs, we supply Standard, Premium and Gold Plated DVI and HDMI cables, cable extensions, and super long distance cabling products, in compliance with RoHS, or ELV environmental standards.

Our Custom Video Cables:

     Custom HDMI Cable Assemblies: HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to DVI, etc.
     Custom DVI Cable Assemblies: DVI to DVI, Single Link, Dual Link, etc.
     Custom S Video Cable Assemblies
     Custom VGA Cable Assemblies
     Custom Component Video Cable Assemblies
     Highly Customized Audio and Video Products for internal and external applications

Sample HDMI & DVI Cable Assemblies - Standard, Premium & Gold Plated Versions:

     HDMI(M) TO HDMI(M) Cable Assembly, AWG28
     HDMI(M) TO HDMI(M) Cable Assembly, AWG30
     HDMI(M) TO DVI(M) Cable Assembly, AWG28
     HDMI(M) TO DVI(M) Cable Assembly, AWG30
     DisplayPort(M) to HDMI(F) Cable Adapter with TVS, Source Side
     DisplayPort(M) to HDMI(F) Cable Adapter without TVS, Source Side
     HDMI to DVI-Digital Cable Assembly, 28 AWG
     HDMI to DVI-Digital Cable Assembly, 30 AWG
     HDMI to HDMI* Cable Assembly, 28 AWG
     HDMI to HDMI* Cable Assembly, 30 AWG
     Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly
     Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Extension Cable
     Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly
     Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Extension Cable
     DVI-I to DVI-I Cable Assembly
     DVI-A to VGA Cable Assembly
     Super Long Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly
     Super Long Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly
     Super Long DVI-D Extension Cables

About HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDMI is a small, user-friendly connector that can carry up to 5 Gbps of combined video and audio in a single cable. The HDMI interconnect eliminates the cost, complexity and confusion of multiple cables used to connect current Audio/Video systems. The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable assemblies offer an uncompressed digital link between consumer electronics equipment and audio/video monitors. Some HDMI connectors are gold plated, such as the 0.50mm (.020") pitch SMT connectors fully shielded for ESD protection, gold plated for reliability and 100% lead-free.

About the DisplayPort Interconnects
The DisplayPort interconnect is designed for internal and external system solution for high bandwidth audio and video data transfer in the notebook and PC market. DisplayPort consists of the 20-circuit, 0.50mm pitch SMT, external receptacles designed with a polarized D-shape mating interface and metal shield for full EMI/RFI protection. In addition, the connectors are designed with four solder pins for added mechanical stability and robustness, as well as a snap-in plastic peg for positive polarization during connector mounting. The receptacle is to be mounted on the device side and the plug, which is overmolded at both ends of the cable assemblies, on the display device. The cable assemblies come in both latching and non- latching versions. DisplayPort dongles allow users to connect their enabled devices to other graphics devices, such as DVI and HDMI.

About the MicroCross DVI interconnects
The MicroCross DVI connector family is based on an innovative use of "crossing" ground blades to provide high-speed electrical performance in a low-cost connector. These and other advantages allowed this system to be chosen as the interface for the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG*) Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard. The MicroCross DVI system provides a high-bandwidth video interface for both the host and the display devices.

DVI & HDMI Cable Applications

 Digital TVs
 Plasma Displays
 Audio/Video Receivers
 Set-Top Boxes
 DVD Players/Recorders

DisplayPort Cable Applications

 Desktop PC
 set-top box, DVD players
 Game console
 TV monitors
 Projection displays

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